Facebook to test new pop-up alert ahead of Apple's new permission feature

Facebook said in a statement that it is testing a new pop-up cue for iPhone and iPad owners that will emphasize the benefits of collecting users' data while they use the tech giants' apps.  

The test is a result of Apple privacy update. Apple is set to launch a new requirement which would see its users give explicit agreement to apps asking for permission to reach their web history. 

Apple's new privacy update could cause harm to Facebook's advertising business 

Facebook makes almost the entirety of its income from advertising. The social media company plans to include a pop-up prompt to show users how personalized ads help small businesses grow and keep apps free.

Facebook said in a post that it disagrees with Apple's new privacy rules, but they are willing to follow its new directives, and would instead educate users on how Facebook uses their information. 

The social media company has reportedly also notified investors that Apple's software updates could hurt their investment. 

In 2020, Facebook bought ads in important news publications like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post. The ads spoke against Apple's new policy, adding that it could lead to the destruction of the many small businesses that use Facebook's ad platform.  

It also funded a press conference that accentuated small businesses against the change and formed a hashtag to speak about the issue.

Apple CEO showed users how the permission prompt will appear 

Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted an example of how Facebook's app tracking transparency notification will look like. 

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO and co-founder, during a virtual meeting with analysts in 2020, allegedly discussed the impact of Apple's move on its business.  

Zuckerberg was recorded saying that "Apple has every reason to use their powerful platform position to hinder Facebook and its subsidiary apps" from functioning how they are supposed to do. 

He added that as Apple places a priority on its apps, "the growth of millions of businesses around the world will be halted as many small businesses will no longer be able to advertise to their target customer with relevant ads".  

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