Captain Verify is a feature that allows you to check the validity of the email addresses that contact you in order to identify those that are false. The application then proceeds to the definitive deletion of these emails. Opening a Captain Verify account is free and provides you with benefits as well as verification of your phone contacts. This article tells us more.

Opening a Captain Verify account: what are the benefits?

After creating a free account on Captain Verify, the application proceeds to the free verification of 100 emails to thank you for registering by opening an account. Let's specify that it is after having made a request through a contact form that Captain Verify proceeds to this online email verification service.

The simple fact of having benefited from this service guarantees the validity of 100 emails with whom you exchange. Of course the Captain Verify application can analyze more than 100 emails, but only if you have paid for one of its verification packs available on the homepage of the site.

There you can easily switch from a free account to a premium account, which provides a further increase in the efficiency of Captain Verify.

Captain Verify: phone contact verification application

This is also one of the advantages of this feature since the creation of an email requires having a valid mobile number, it is logical to want to proceed to its verification. The analysis of emails by Captain Verify is therefore done in depth until the validity of the phone numbers is guaranteed.

Then the verification of telephone contacts by Captain Verify is done by analyzing the roaming and the quality of the mobile network. It also verifies phone numbers with MNO and MVNO telecommunication companies as well as the list of operators in FAQ.

It is by carrying out all these telephone verifications that Captain Verify guarantees the security of your personal email address.