Most architectural masterpieces are said to be made by men, but it is an undeniable fact that nature itself is capable of creating designs that would leave anyone in awe. The Grand Canyon, despite not being the longest or widest canyon on the planet, is still a sight to behold. With its impressive dimensions and its beautiful landscape, it is a place you should visit if you happen to be in the state of Arizona.

Interesting facts about the Grand Canyon

With its length that that stretches over 277 miles and its depth reaching over 5,245 feet, the Grand Canyon is known to be larger than the state of Rhode Island. It also have and impressive width that range from 3 miles up to 19 miles based on the part of the canyon that is measured. If you enjoy learning about the Grand Canyon, read here to find even more interesting facts.

It also happen to have hundreds of caves within it which are just waiting to be explored. So far, 335 caves have been recorded by the archaeologists, but not all of them are opened to the public due to safety and preservation reasons. There is only one cave that can be accessed by the public and that is the Cave of the domes.

Furthermore, the Grand Canyon was carved over 6 million years ago. It was a slow yet progressive carving thanks to erosion and geological activities conducted by nature. The Colorado River played a big role in making the Grand Canyon what it is today.

How to visit the Grand Canyon ?

This is entirely up to you, and also based on your financial budget. It is indeed possible to visit the canyon on foot, with a tour guide of course, but if you would rather enjoy the sky view of this amazing natural construction, you should go by helicopter. It usually costs more than a tour on foot, but it is worth it, because the sight is breathe-taking.