Known for its picturesque mosques, mint flavored tea enjoyed by the locals and amazing food, Morocco is most likely the type of country that should appear your «countries to visit» list. Setting aside their taste for good food, there is a lot this country and its habitants has to offer. Here are some of the places you should definitely visit if you happen to visit Morocco.

The best places to visit in Morocco

One of the favorite spots for especially out going tourists is probably the diverse mountain ranges that can be found in this country. The three separate ranges of the Morocco’s Atlas Mountains (namely the High Atlas, the Middle Atlas and the Anti Atlas) each offer an amazing hiking experience no matter your level of expertise in the domain. You can plan for a private morocco tour if you wish to view these sites for yourself.

Another place you would also enjoy visiting but probably with your flask of water is the Sahara Desert. Morocco has an easy access to the hottest desert on the planet, and despite it being a hostile environment, it is nonetheless a beautiful sight to behold.

Moroccan architecture is also very special. Its intriguing designs usually leaves tourists in awe, to the extent where it is hard not to take a few pictures. Most streets, be it in the rich areas or the modest ones, there is almost always some piece of appealing architectural design.

Why visit Morocco?

Morocco is what can be described as a roller coaster for your senses. The variety of scents, sounds, and colors will fill every bit of yourself allowing you to experience feelings you never would’ve felt otherwise. It is also a peaceful place especially in relatively secluded areas. It’s a haven for people who enjoy isolation. If you are the opposite, then the towns, particularly in the Medinas will blast you with how lively it is.