During a search warrant, Two FBI agents were killed and another was injured. The death of the FBI agents is one of the FBI's deadliest operations since it began operating.  

An unknown amount of shots was released when the officers involved in the operation tried to carry out their duty. The search warrant was related to violent crimes such as pornography against adolescents.

The search warrant was to obtain evidence in connection to child pornography

In a statement released after the operation, the FBI explained that the search warrant was issued to obtain evidence about the suspected ownership of child pornography. 

Some wounded agents were admitted and are reportedly in a stable condition, while some agents were not seriously injured. The suspect of the crime whose house was to be searched died in the shoot-out. 

The man under the investigation had locked himself inside an apartment complex. The reason for his death remains unclear. 

The new White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during a White House briefing that President Joe Biden had been informed about the shootout and would likely address it after all the facts have been gathered.

The two dead agents hailed as heroes 

FBI Director Christopher Wray released the names of the dead agents. They were identified as Daniel Alfin and Laura Schwartzenberger. 

Wray in a statement said, "Special Agent Alfin and Special Agent Schwartzenberger exhibited true heroism as they defended their country". He added that "the FBI will always respect the gift of their sacrifice, and will forever be indebted to them".  

Their deaths will go down in history as one of the messiest in FBI history. In 1994, two FBI agents along with a police detective were shot and killed after a suspect released fire using an assault weapon.  

Another event occurred in 1986 when five FBI agents were killed and five others were injured in a Miami gun battle with two bank heist suspects.

The last disastrous shooting of an FBI agent was on November 19 in 2008, which also happened during the execution of a warrant.