We can believe that due to covid19, people are no more interested by cars. Despite of the fact that there is the quarantine, many SUV and pickup attract people attention enough to be liquidated. Below are the top three of the most selling.

Ford F-150

Despite of the fact that covid-19 have ravaged the entirely world, the Ford F-150 has been the car the most selling in 2020.This car is created since 39 years ago. It is still bought thanks to the incredible materials which characterize it. The most important materials it contains is a kilowatt generator more powerful as a home appliance.
In 2019, 900,000 Ford had quasi been liquidated. It was the first car the most selling since the Chevrolet Impala in 1965 to 1966. This car is so beautiful, inside as outside. You can go out with it thanks to its beauty. Check more information in http://www.extraordinary-facts.com/.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado comes to the second place after the Ford F-150. 586,675 Silverado was sold off. The fourth generation of the pickup Chevrolet came in 2018. Since, the sale of the cars increases enough to be in the second place on the list. Inside the car you can have a tactile screen. It is a benefit for you when you are in trip.

Ram pickup

The third-place return straight to the Ram pickup on the list. 563,676 Ram were sold in 2020 despite of the covid19. It increases 11% since 2019. The pickup still the best car to ride for many people. The cars have many fans who love its beauty. The Ram pickup was very famous in 2020 but not enough to achieved the second place of the list. The most important is to have the possibility to feel good in the car.